Offering a CARFIE a temporarily home lets you actively participate in the rehabilitation of a traumatized or fearful dog. Due to the attention and security your give him in your home, your CARFIE can become a different dog; less shy and scared, more happy and healthy!

Due to the many dogs that we have currently in our care, we are in urgent need of foster homes. If you are able to provide a temporarily foster home, please email us at for more information.

Here are already 5 reasons to become a foster parent to a CARF dog:

1. CARFIES Are Great Companions

As long as you have a foster dog in your care, you can enjoy his or her companionship. Some CARFIES only stay with their foster families a couple of weeks so they can get back on their feet, while others might need some more time. We will be actively looking for a forever home for your foster CARFIE.

2. Fostering A CARFIE Doesn’t Cost You Any Money, Only Time

CARF can provide all the food, supplies and required medical costs that you need to foster your dog. Taking care of a foster CARFIE won’t cost you any money, it will only cost you love, time, and water.

3. CARFIES Make A Great Playmate For Your Own Dog

If you already have a dog, fostering a CARFIE can provide your own dog with a playmate. In the past, we have seen that scared CARFIES will often feel more at ease when there’s another dog around whose behavior they can copy. Of course, you don’t need to have your own dog to foster a CARFIE.

4. You Make Room For Another Needy Dog

By opening your home to a CARFIE, you are making room for another abandoned, neglected or homeless dog that could use our help. With over 100 dogs in our care, we are sometimes simply not able to take in any more dogs. Fostering means that you save a life.

5. Fostering A CARFIE Is A Rewarding Experience

Most of all, fostering a CARFIE is incredibly satisfying. You will get the chance to see a shy and scared dog blossom into a happy and healthy dog. The day that we find your foster dog his forever home might be a sad day for you, but it is also very rewarding to know that this particular CARFIE may not have been adopted if it wasn’t for all your efforts and affection!

Sounds interesting? If you are able to provide a temporarily foster home to a CARFIE, please email us at for more information.