On Saturday, April 23rd, CARF Curaçao hosted another Meet & Greet event where people could meet some of our adoptable CARFIES. We planned on opening our doors at 10 in the morning, but some first guests knocked on our doors a little bit after 9:00am. They were very excited to see some of our adoptable puppies, and to be honest… we can’t blame them!
But it’s not just puppies that are looking for a family to call their own. We’ve got everything from fluffy dogs to short-haired dogs, little ones to big ones, young dogs to old dogs, and pretty much everything in between!

Not everyone who stopped by our event was there to adopt. We also welcomed several supporters who came bringing donations. We received bags of dog food, a few cans of dog food, dog treats, towels and blankets. It warms our hearts to know that others are so willing to help us take care of our CARFIES. Many thanks to everyone who dropped by bringing donations, enquiring about our dogs, and offering help.

Our next event will take place on Sunday, May 29th at La Palmeraie Resort in Santa Catharina. During this special event, we will celebrate CARF’s 8th anniversary with a special breakfast, flea market, and mini meet & greet. Visit our Facebook page for more information and tickets.

Couldn’t make it to our event? If you would like to meet our adoptable dogs on a different day or time, please contact us at stichtingcarf@gmail.com to set up an appointment. For these and more of our adoptable dogs, check out our gallery.

Pictures by Michèle van Veldhoven.