In an effort to get some of our CARFIES a home before the holidays, we would like to invite you to our Meet & Greet on Saturday, November 21st

Whether you are looking for a puppy or a more mature dog, a small dog or a larger companion, we have adoptable dogs in all shapes, sizes and ages.

You are very welcome to join us from 10:00 – 11:45 in the morning. Come meet, cuddle, pet and play with some of our adoptable dogs to see if there’s a spark! 

Please spread the word to anyone you know that may be looking for a new furry family friend ♥

The Meet & Greet will take place at Kaya Semikok B3 (side road of the Cas Coraweg) on Saturday, September 21st from 10:00 – 11:45am.

* If you’re not looking to adopt but you do want to support our cause by donating, come out to the event and donate once there! We would love to meet you.