Oh my what a cutie 🧡🐶😍

This adorable bundle of cuteness is KiniKini 😍 As per her compassionate foster : Kinikini had been roaming around Piscadera for a few weeks before she was brave enough to approach me and let me bring her into my home. Until then, she seemed at a loss, often sighted in the middle of the main road at night, dodging passing cars.
😢😨 Once she realized she was safe, loved and fed, she became playful, cuddly and a good friend to my own dog 🥰 Kinikini is about 1-year-old and has the looks of a Dachshund (sausage dog), though with “well-proportioned” legs ; ) She is healthy, vaccinated and will be spayed shortly. She is incredibly sweet, energetic and obedient: she knows when it’s time to calm down… More

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