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Meet Dora, Our Latest Little Rescue

Meet Dora. This skinny (but not shy!) lady was found along the side of the road just a few days ago. During the vet’s examination, she turned out to have a sub-temperature and plastic protruded from her anus. No wonder she has a low temperature if she doesn’t get food to give her the energy she needs …

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Momma Dog and Puppies Dumped at Landfill

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, or when you think things can’t possibly get any worse, they do. Here’s the story of Graziela and her pups who were cruelly dumped amidst the trash at Curaçao’s landfill facility Malpais…
Graziela and her four pups were cruelly dumped amidst the trash at Curaçao’s landfill facility Malpais.
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