🎃 Our October mission continues! A huge thanks to those who have already donated, we really appreciate your support. Before the month ends, we are hoping to raise 100 individual donations. Whether you can miss $1, €5, ƒ10 (or more!) this month, every donation helps. For every donation received, we will color in one bone. We have 86 more donations to go in 22 days. Can we fill this board together?

❤️ Tikkie: https://tikkie.me/pay/vp7701eag98rjrf1cf1s
🧡 Maduro & Curiel’s Bank: 21199501
💛 Banco di Caribe: 301647
💚 PayPal: stichtingcarf@gmail.com
💙 www.carfcuracao.com/donate-carf

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