Home in time for Father’s day! Never has a name been so appropriate for one of our rescues. Lucky was found by Tanja and Vinny in the secluded area of Lagun while they were vacationing in Curaçao. They immediately knew they wanted a better life for him, a life that he could spend living with them!

Vacations always come to an end sooner or later, and Tanja and Vinny had to go back home, without Lucky. Although they couldn’t take Lucky home with them that they, the decided they wanted to adopt him and have him fly over as soon as he’d be ready to make the trip.

So Lucky stayed on Curaçao and became a CARFIE. After receiving the necessary medical treatments to get well, Lucky was finally ready to join his new family in the States. This week, Lucky made the trip to his lifetime home in New York State to live with his saviours!

Lucky was a true champ during the trip and we are so proud of how he has settled in to his new home and new routine. We are so grateful to this loving family for adopting Lucky Lagun and for their generous donation towards the care of Lucky’s fellow CARFIES.

Lucky had no idea how his life would change the day he was seen by his rescuers. We wish you all the best sweetie and we will see you again soon!