Back in September, puppy Mila needed a place to crash for a few weeks until she could be transported to Holland. Mila is not one of our own rescues but we were approached and asked if we could assist after an initial foster home fell through. We had just arranged a healthy rescue to be re-homed so a quarantine spot was available for Mila!
Mila was found by a caring family who was visiting the island. They wanted to bring Mila back to The Netherlands with them but because she was still so young when they found her and because she didn’t receive the proper vaccinations yet, they had to leave her on Curaçao. A quarantaine spot was made available for Mila, so she could crash at one of our regular fosters for a few weeks.

Mila is a little darling and from the moment she first arrived at her foster house, she has been a real sweetheart. She is a total cuddle bug who loves her belly rubs, crawls up in your lap and will repay you with sloppy ear kisses – it’s a pretty good deal. 

The one thing Mila does not enjoy is being left by herself. Her fosters first found out when they left her in their laundry room while they went out to do grocery shopping. When they came back, little Mila couldn’t be found in her bed nor in her crate. She had climbed her way up onto the laundry machine which gave her a perfect view into the attached living room. No one could sneak in or out of the house without Mila knowing it! 🙂

During the following weeks, our vet made sure that Mila received all the proper medications and vaccinations for her upcoming trip to The Netherlands. All of her papers had to be in order for her to be able to leave Curaçao. Meanwhile in The Netherlands, the family who rescued Mila was busy to find her a warm and loving home. A little team work goes a long way because on Monday, October 26, it was time for Mila to fly to The Netherlands. Together with travel buddy and fellow CARFIE Bumper, her foster parents, and another CARF volunteer, Mila went to Hato Airport. A loving family in The Netherlands had laid eyes on Mila and couldn’t wait to open their hearts and their home to this little girl.

Sweet Mila, we wish you a life full of love and happiness, with lots of treats and toys, daily belly rubs, and many happy moments with your new family!

We would like to thank Perla & Friends – Dog Rescue for finding Mila a forever home in The Netherlands, Rossana K., Denise V., our foster for taking Mila in and taking care of her, our vet for arranging all the papers and vaccinations, and most of all, the loving family who opened their hearts and home for Mila. Team work makes the dream work!