About CARFIE Drew

  • Became a CARFIE: 2015.06.08
  • Was adopted: 2015.06.23
  • New Name: Candy

Puppy Drew was first spotted wandering the streets by one of our volunteers who just happened to drive there that evening. Drew was all by herself and about to venture onto a busy road. So our volunteer did what had to be done; she turned her car around and parked it at the side of the road.

Unlike many other stray dogs that we pick up from the streets, Drew was everything but shy. She immediately walked over to our volunteer – all the while wagging her little tail – who offered her some dog food that she had laying in her car. After checking if there was a mother dog in sight or if there were any other puppies scavenging around, our volunteer picked up Drew from the street and placed her into the car. Drew didn’t seem to mind at all, her tail was wagging as if she had been waiting to go on an adventure!

And so the adventure begins…

And an adventure it was. The volunteer took Drew home, where she gave her some more food and fresh water. Just the sight of food, or maybe it was the smell of it, made Drew’s tail wag uncontrollably. What a happy, little puppy. The next morning, Drew was taken to the vet who told us she had worms, fleas, lice, anemia and ehrlichia. Just in case, she also had to be treated for canine distemper.

The next two weeks, Drew evolved into a kind, spunky, fun and loving puppy. She turned out to be very adventurous and enjoyed exploring new surroundings and meeting fellow dogs. She absolutely loved to cuddle and with her ‘puppy eyes’ she stole a lot of hearts. It wasn’t a big surprise that it was love at first sight when her new family first came to meet her.

Drew was adopted on June 23th by a loving and caring couple and is thriving in her new home.

“With the help of CARF, who provided all the food, medicine, vet expenses, toys and blankets, we were able to find Drew a loving home with a caring family in only two weeks time. It was a pleasure to have this little ball of energy in our home, and we will absolutely miss her. So long little Drew, you’re going to be such a good girl!” – CARF Volunteer.

More info

If you would like to receive more information about becoming a foster parent with CARF Curaçao, please contact us at stichtingcarf@gmail.com. If you are interested in adopting a dog, please contact us at carf.adoption@gmail.com.