​With who would you like to have a photo shoot? Your family? Your friends? Your pets? Your (grand)children? Our friend and long-time supporter Nestor Zavarce is now offering professional photo shoots at a location of your choice. Part of the profits will be donated to CARF.
Last year, we organized a Pet Photo Shoot with Nestor. During the day, people brought their pets to a central location where Nestor was shooting pictures. Proceeds were donated to CARF.

Due to the success of last year’s event, we decided to host another photo shoot with Nestor. This year, we’re doing it a little different though:

  • You can pick the date and time. The offer is valid from September 15th – December 15th, and scheduling a place and time will be done together with Nestor.
  • You can pick the location. Whether you want to do a photo shoot on your favorite beach, your home, or elsewhere, you decide.
  • You can pick the models. Last year, we hosted a pet photo shoot, this year you can choose to have a family photo shoot, a pregnancy photo shoot, a friends photo shoot… you name it! With or without pets, everyone is welcome.

Each photo shoot will take 60 minutes. For every photo shoot booked, Nestor will donate part of the profits to CARF, to help us take care of our 120+ rescued dogs.

200 ANG from Mondays – Fridays (OB incl).
300 ANG in the weekends and holidays (OB incl).

After the photo shoot, you will receive the best images (edited, and in high resolution) by a Dropbox link. You will receive 15-30 images per shoot.

Make Reservations
To book your photo shoot, contact Nestor G. Zavarce Photography by sending an email to nestor.zavarce@gmail.com. Make sure to mention CARF to make use of this special offer!

* This offer is valid from September 15th, 2017 – December 15th, 2017.


Do a photo shoot with friends! This could also be a fun idea for a birthday or goodbye party.

Capture your (grand)children or puppies while they’re still young!

Family picture with or without your pets.