Who remembers CARFIE Harley? Harley was found as a little puppy hiding underneath a car in Curaçao. Since November 2017, he lives in The Hague with his adoptive parents where he’s living the life that he always deserved. And on February 24th, he’s powering his very first workshop. Are you coming…?
So, what is happening? On Saturday, February 24th, you’re invited you to a full day of ‘monkey business’ to raise money for the homeless, neglected and abandoned dogs on Curaçao. The full sum of the tickets will be donated to CARF and the donation will be used to buy medicine, pay for vet visits, purchase dog food, get vaccines, etc.

But what exactly is ‘monkey business’? Good question! Monkey business shows you that through a perfect mixture of different movements, methods and skills you will gain flexibility, strength, coordination, balance, reaction, conditioning in a fast pace ― all while having fun!

That sounds fun! That’s because it is! But don’t think it isn’t a serious workout tough, we play in a serious way where your ‘inner monkey’ will be having loads of fun, where your human body will think “What is going on?”

How much does it cost to join? You can sign up for an original monkey business session by Ravian in the morning and/or learn the handstand in the afternoon with Claire. If you decide to join both workshops, make sure to bring a lunch package with you. Of course, you can also sign up for just one workshop. Just make sure to sign up soon because tickets are limited! 

€25 Original Monkeys (with Ravian)
€25 Handstand Monkeys (with Claire)
€40 Full Day Monkeys

What time is all this happening?
The Original Monkeys will take place from 10:30AM – 12:30PM. The Handstand Monkeys will take place from 1:30-3:00PM.

So, how do I sign up? Signing up is easy! Click here to visit the website of The Puppy Business and scroll all the way down to the ‘Purchase’ button.

Don’t have time at all? That’s too bad! If you can’t join, perhaps you would like to donate? No matter how small, all donations help. There’s no minimum for the donation, it’s all out of love!
So, in short…

What: The Puppy Business Fundraiser
When: Saturday, February 24, 2018
Time: 10:30AM – 3:00PM
Where: Ravez Movement Academy, Lange Beestenmarkt 58, The Hague, The Netherlands
More info: