Sadly, we recently had to say goodbye to little Miguel, one of the 8 Muraya pups thrown over our wall. Miguel developed an extremely swollen belly and bloodwork indicated liver problems and an elevated level of ammonia, which pointed in the direction of a liver shunt.
Surgeon Bart Sjollema, on the island cooperating with the big sterilization project, offered to operate on Miguel at Claus Clinic to try and save his life.

Unfortunately, it turned out Miguel had already developed muliple liver shunts and nothing could be done to cure this congenital condition. Heartbroken, the only fair thing to do was to let this little angel go…

Our deepest gratitude goes to Bart Sjollema and Pieter Claus for trying their best to help Miguel.

​Run free little Miguel, we will never forget your sweet kisses and happy puppy face.

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