Bumper goes Netherlands

This month, two CARFIES found their forever home… in The Netherlands! On Monday, October 26th, both Bumper and Mila left the island to be with their new family 8,000km away from Curaçao. Ayo, sweethearts! Here is Bumper’s story.

CARFIE Bumper goes Holland

​Bumper joined the ever-growing CARF family in July this year.

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Buddy, The Friendly Barker

Became a CARFIE:  2015.04.24
Was adopted:          2015.07.09

New Name:              Brody

On April 24th, 2015, we received a message from someone saying that they had spotted a skinny stray dog who was clearly in need of help. She couldn’t take him in herself, but she could tell us where we could find him: Cas Abao Beach.
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