World Animal Day is a long-standing tradition recognizing the importance of animals to humankind. Obviously, CARF couldn’t just let this day pass without doing something…
Earlier this year, Sambil Curaçao asked residents of the island: ‘What’s Your Dream For Curaçao?’. Sarah Pinedo wished for a better treatment of animals. With 1138 likes, the dream of Sarah Pinedo received the most votes. To support her dream, Sambil invited everyone to come and celebrate World Animal Day on Sunday, October 4th at Sambil Plaza Punda from 12:00 – 5:00pm.

CARF was invited by Sarah to join the festivities. Of course, we don’t say ‘no’ to a celebration. By selling books, candles, home decorations, and more, we were able to raise some money which will go towards feeding, medicating and taking care of our CARFIES.

Many thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate World Animal Day with us. A special thanks goes to Sarah and Sambil for hosting this event and for inviting us!

And of course, we hope you and your pets have had a pleasant, enjoyable and happy World Animal Day.