Help the Homeless Dogs of Curaçao

Short on time or money (or both) but still want to help the homeless dogs of Curaçao? Or maybe you don’t live on the island but you do feel passionate about the well-being of the dogs on our island? There are multiple ways to help CARF without investing a ton of time, money or energy.

1. Donate Wish List Items

We have a wish list of items, incl. dog food (ProPlan, which is being sold at Bremar Agencies a.o.), toys, bedding, and cleaning supplies such as bleach and paper kitchen towels – it can cost as little as a few guilders. Pick up a couple items next time you’re shopping for groceries. You can drop off your items at our friends at THEA Gifts & More (Cas Coraweg 39A) or email to schedule a date and time to drop off your donation, or have it picked up.

2. Become A Virtual Adopter

Do you have a friend, co-worker or family member who loves animals but can’t adopt one due to finances or residential rules? Give that special person a unique gift; a CARF Virtual Adoption. We will send a certificate, photos, and regular updates with a note about the gift sponsorship you have donated in their name! Of course, you can also become a CARF Virtual Adopter yourself. Pick your adoptable CARFIE and contact

3. Throw a Christmas or New Year’s Eve Party

What are you asking for Christmas this year? What about asking friends or family to make a donation to CARF in your name? Or when hosting a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party, ask your guests to bring a gift for our rescued dogs. You could also set up a jar on the drinks or snacks table where your guests can leave a donation; it’s an easy add-on to an event you’re already hosting. Or put out two jars; one for women and one for men, and make it a fun little competition who will donate most!

4. Donate Money, Gift Certificates or FunMiles

All donations, no matter how small, help save lives. December is an expensive month for most people, but perhaps you can make a small one-time donation or schedule a monthly donation for 2017? If all our 5000+ Facebook fans would donate one or two guilders per month that would make a huge difference! You can also help out by donating gift certificates or using your FunMiles to buy items from our wish list.

5. Foster a Dog

We work with loving and supportive foster parents who provide temporary care to our dogs until we find them a forever home. Placing rescued dogs in foster homes frees up space to help newly rescued dogs. CARF pays for food and vet bills, so fostering does not have to be a burden on your wallet. Providing the shelter and love that these dogs need while they wait for a forever home is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things you can do to help.

6. Like and Share Our Posts

This is free of costs and takes about 3 seconds of your time. Are you already liking us on Facebook and Instagram? By liking our pages and sharing our posts, you are helping us reach more people who could potentially support us. ​Sometimes the only thing standing between a homeless pet and a forever home is a view by the right person.