These puppies were dumped yesterday. Left in the wild, left to survive… but would they? They are small, sick, and weak. It would be just a matter of time for them to die… we couldn’t let that happen.
UPDATE: Click here to see what our Mahuma-puppies now look like (December 19, 2017).
So we picked them up and brought them to the vet, as we speak. We will do our utmost best to take care of them, but we need your help. So please help and donate whatever you can. We are stressed out and completely overstretched. There is a huge vet bill awaiting us with the rescue of these little ones…

How is it possible the authorities keep turning a blind eye to this dumping epidemic?

Monetary donations can be made through PayPal or through the following bank accounts:

  • Maduro & Curiel’s Bank: 21199501. Address: Beshiweg #1
  • Banco di Caribe: 301647 500 001 100 01. Address: Beshiweg #1
  • For donations from The Netherlands, we have a Dutch account. Please contact or send us a message on Facebook.