Today was véry, véry stressful but at least all those helpless creatures we rescued are safe and loved now. Please welcome Lucille to the ever-growing CARF family. Lucille will have her pups in a safe and clean environment.
 She will raise them without having to worry where her next meal will come from. She is the sweetest most docile pup. We estimate her to be around 1,5 years old and this is not her first litter according to the neighborhood people…

Please help us with the medical and food expenses for Lucille and her soon to be born little ones. All donations (no matter how small) will help save lives. Thank you in advance! 

You may click the PayPal button on our website to make a monetary donation.
For local donations: MCB 21199501 / Address: Beshiweg 1, Willemstad, Curaçao
For Euro donations, please contact us via Facebook or