Good morning! It was a hectic and busy Easter weekend with a lot of organizing, coordinating, medical visits, chasing dogs and scrambling to get all the regular daily responsibilities done. Animal rescue does not know any days off.
We will be updating everyone on our rescues of these last few days as we gather all the medical information and take proper pictures. In the meantime, we also work hard to make our rescues feel as comfy as possible.

In the meantime, we’ll share with you a little update on CARFIE Awa. Awa is a sweetheart, he does have severe issues with his liver and we are praying the meds will help reverse the damage. He should be having a blood test again shortly to check his values. Fortunately he is playful and active and an absolute volunteer favorite. Please keep little Awa in your thoughts and send him positive energy for his speedy recover.
“Tu du du du, tu du du du, Batman!” (someone should probably tell little Awa that he’s a dog, not a bat…)
Little CARFIE Awa.
Top picture: CARFIE Dushi, who was found on the landfill earlier this month.