No one ever plans to lose a beloved dog, but every year many dogs do get lost. Tragically, some never are returned to their owners. Here are a few tips on how to avoid losing your dog (or in case you do lose them, how to find them back).
April 23 is National Lost Dog Awareness DayThis special day was created to bring attention to all dogs that get lost each year and to celebrate the dogs that have been successfully reunited with their families. CARF regularly receives messages from people asking for help to find back their dogs after they ran off or just vanished.

Here are some tips on how to avoid losing your dog, and in the unfortunate event that your pet does get lost, how to find them back.

1. Dog Tags
Identify your dog with a collar with your phone number, name and address tag at all times. If your dog ever escapes or takes off, chances are someone will find him of her. If they have a number that they can call when they find your dog, you might have your dog back in no time. You can buy your personalized tags and collars at PiDiS Pet Department Store (Dr Maalweg 21A) and other pet stores. Ready while you wait!

2. Collars With Phone Numbers
There’s always a chance that your dog might lose its dog tags while he’s out. Use a permanent marker to write your phone numbers on the outside of the collar, in case the tags gets lost.

3. Spay or Neuter Your Dog
Through neutering, you can help your dog live a happier, healthier, and longer life and also help reduce pet overpopulation. A spayed dog is less likely to run off because they are not searching for a mate. Since they are less likely to run away, they are less likely to be hit by cars, or receive injuries from fights with neighborhood dogs.

4. Be Careful During Holidays And Weather Extremes
Be extra careful during holidays with fireworks (New Year’s Eve) and weather extremes (fireworks, storm, heavy rainfall, etc.). Dogs can become very stressed by loud noises and even dogs who normally don’t jump fences can leap over them easily in fear. Lock your dog in the house if there’s a chance he or she could dig under or jump over the outside fence.

5. Have Your Pets Microchipped
Talk with your veterinarian about having your dog microchipped for permanent identification. You can contact to schedule an appointment with our vet. Once microchipped, make sure to register your dog at and keep the info in a safe place and updated.

6. Take Pictures Of Your Pets
Remember to always have updated pictures of your dogs in case they do get lost. Also make sure to take pictures of any unusual markings or scars. If your pet does get lost, you will have a picture to print and spread lost-flyers in your area. You can also create awareness on


All CARFIES wear a collar with our logo and phone number on it.