Look at that face. Just, look at it. How is Chico not adopted yet? Chico is an adorable and social pup, whose eyes will make you melt. Don’t wait too long – he’s bound to find a home very soon!
Chico is approx. 3,5 months old and has already received his first vaccination. Together with his brothers Harpo and Zeppo (yes, there are three of these cuties!), he will soon return to the vet to get his second vaccination. As soon as he is old enough, he will be neutered (this is included in the adoption fee).

Chico’s current hobbies are wrestling with his siblings, nibbling on his toys and rolling over for belly rubs. Chico would love to have some playtime with you. Are you interested in meeting and possibly adopting this puppy? Contact stichtingcarf@gmail.com for more information or to set up a meet-and-greet.

* There’s a Nafl. 150,- adoption donation. While in the care of CARF, all dogs are given age-appropriate vaccines, spayed/neutered and dewormed. Other medical treatments may be provided to dogs, depending upon their specific needs.