Just try to tell yourself that Olive, Brutus and Popeye are not the cutest trio you’ve ever seen! Believe us, we tried. But look how adorable these three siblings are and how much they love to cuddle. The best news? All three of them are now ready to be adopted.
Popeye, Brutus and Olive (Olijfje), also known as the San Juan Pups, were severely dehydrated and pretty fed-up with their lives when they were found at San Juan Beach. They were very quiet when rescued and they had no energy to play or do much.

But they have shown us to never underestimate the power of quality food, proper care, and some CARFIELOVE!  Within days, this trio bounced back to being healthy and happy puppies. They have been vaccinated and microchipped and they are ready to move to their forever homes. As soon as they are old enough, they will get be spayed/neutered.

For more information about Olive (Olijfje), Brutus, Popeye, or one of our other CARFIES, please feel free to contact us at stichtingcarf@gmail.com. We will reply to you at our earliest convenience.