We’ve previously mentioned our ‘pupsicles’, a cool treat that are fun for you to make and even more fun for your dog to enjoy during these hot days. Check out the simple steps in this article.
Once you master the base recipe (and trust us, it really is as simple as can be…), get creative! Try making bigger ‘pupsicles’ to keep your dog entertained even longer, or add extra-special treats for him to find inside. Instead of water you can also use chicken broth or bouillon.

​ It’s inexpensive, long-lasting fun!

This is really all you need: one or multiple plastic cups, water, and dog food from a can (you might need a can opener). You can also replace the water with bouillon or chicken broth, or add some normal dog food (not from a can) or treats to the mix.
Open the can and divide the dog food over the plastic cups. Fill the cups halfway with food, then fill them up by adding water.
Trust us on this one, your furry friend is going to love this.
Put the cups into the freezer for a few hours, and ta-da! There you go, your ‘pupsicles’ or ‘dogsicles’ are ready.