Daniel, CARFIE Of The Week

This week, the spotlight is on CARFIE Daniel. Daniel is a young dog of approximately 5,5-6 months old. He would like an adopter to go on some adventures with – promptly followed by sofa-time and snuggles. This pupper is slowly discovering the world around him and he finds it all quite exciting! But he is a curious little guy who will put his fears aside.

Daniel is pretty good at entertaining himself. He’ll check in on you once in a while to see if you’re doing anything interesting, or to get a pat on his head. He is an alert dog who will make it his purpose to love and protect you. The ideal human for Daniel is one who will be able to take him out for regular walks and who has time to give him the love and attention he deserves.

Once he’s full grown, Daniel will be a medium-sized dog. With his wagging tail, his beautiful black and brown fur, those expressive pointed ears, he is such a handsome pup!

Curious about whether or not you pass Daniel’s test to be his forever family? Come visit, and Daniel will tell you what he thinks! Contact our Adoption Team at carf.adoption@gmail.com for more information (about any of our adoptable CARFIES) or to set up a meet-and-greet.