Who remembers Drake? He’s our miracle dog for sure. Drake has made a remarkable recovery and went from an emaciated, defeated stray to a handsome bundle of non-stop energy. He’s ready to be adopted!

Back in May, we found Drake. Due to anemia and starvation his breathing was very labored. Our vet immediately put him on all the necessary medications, supplements, and pain medication for his terrible mange. The first days in our care, all he would do was sleep, sleep, sleep. He slowly gained back his weight and strength.

Fast forward to October. Today, Drake is a cheerful guy. He is discovering life can be fun. He enjoys the company of dogs and people. Drake loves riding in a car, going for walks, and getting massages. He is good with other dogs but also doesn’t mind being alone. He is fine spending his days lying on the couch or in front of a fan. He can be a bit boisterous at times, as he does not know his own boundaries and strength yet. Can’t blame him!

Due to lack of good medical care in the first part of his life, Drake has some medical issues that surface every now and then (irritated eyes and skin) but that won’t stop them him from enjoying life.

Drake had already been through so much. He’s going to be very selective about his forever home so that he’s never starving and feeling unwanted again. Contact carf.adoption@gmail.com if you would like to meet Drake or if you have any questions about him or our adoption process.