CARFIE Of The Week Gary

Hey ― working from home these days? Would you like having a dog friend around to stare at you all day with loving eyes? May we suggest Gary?

Gary is about 4 years old. He had a rough start in life and was rescued off the streets by our volunteers in 2018. His “rescueversary” has hit the two-year mark and Gary is still waiting for someone to come and adopt him. He’s seen many dogs come and go, but for some reason he is been overlooked.

This current shelter-in-place/lockdown situation we’re dealing with on Curacao is not Gary’s cup of tea. He has plenty of energy and would love to find someone that enjoys going for walks together. He’d also like to have a yard or porch where he can play with his toys. And he loves just hanging out with people and being pet.

It’s really time for Gary to find a loving home! A home where he can grow old and where he will continue to be loved and appreciated long after this pandemic is over.

What do you think? Do you need a dog like Gary in your life? Email us for an appointment to meet him! Contact for more info.