CARFIE Of The Week Heidi

The last CARFIE Of The Week of 2019, as well as the very first CARFIE Of The Week of 2020, is Heidi. Heidi is 4-years old and has been in our care for several years now. She was first spotted by tourists across from the Sunscape Resort who reached out to us for help.

When we found Heidi, she had a tight rope around her neck. Heidi was afraid of people, so it took some effort to catch her as she was hiding underneath a wooden platform. She was in an awful condition when she entered our foster care; skinny, scared, tail tucked, head down, and in desperate need of help.

Over the years, Heidi has blossomed into a happy and healthy lady. She enjoys going on walks and responds very well when she encounters other dogs. Sometimes she can’t resist the urge to bark at joggers, but she’s getting better at controlling herself. She has lived in foster homes before which have really helped with her socialization skills with dogs and people.

So, here’s a little fun fact about Heidi: She has a sleeping pillow that she carries around all day. In the morning, she takes it outside with her. In the evening, she drags it inside and places it in the doorway so she can lay down and enjoy the nice evening breeze. Heidi is a very sweet dog who really deserves to finally find her forever home. Will 2020 be her year?

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