Meet Knoekie. She is currently residing with her foster family where she gets to spend her days playing with her toys, getting lots of treats, pets and affection. Unfortunately her foster family is moving abroad and we’re in dire need of a finding a forever home for Knoekie.

So, a bit more about Knoekie. She is approximately one year and nine months old. Last year, she walked up to the house of a caring family who were not able to adopt her but offered to foster her instead. Over the last year, Knoekie has turned into an amazing pet; she’s sweet, playful, listens very well, and simply loves going for walks. She is totally fine going on car rides and will also happily go into her crate.

Knoekie enjoys the company of other pets, so if you already have some furry friends walking around in your house, this would be considered a bonus to her. She is not crazy about children though.

She takes a little time to warm up to new people and new situations, so we’d love to find a patient adopter who can help build her confidence. Once you’ve gained Knoekie’s trust, she is the sweetest and most loyal dog you could have ever asked for. We may not know anything about her history, but with her sweet disposition, we’re sure she’s got a bright future. Could it be with you?

Considering adopting Knoekie?

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