Kovu is still just a puppy at 18-weeks old, and it shows! He’s a friendly, curious dog who likes to explore the world. He loves people and he really enjoys to be petted. Kovu will be a perfect fit for an active family who is ready for a playful pupper. Just be ready to receive many kisses!

“What are you thinking about, little Kovu?”

“Oh, I’m just thinking about how nice it will be to be adopted, and to have all my doggy friends adopted, too.”

We are feeling confident that little Kovu the puppy will be adopted shortly (come on, who can say ‘no’ to those puppy eyes!?), but how considerate of him to wish for all the other adoptable CARFIES to get adopted, too! Well, that’s Kovy for ya; he’s just a sweetheart! Kovu is available for adoption, and you can find a full list of all our available CARFIES and info about the adoption process by clicking here. Feel free to contact our Adoption Team at carf.adoption@gmail.com for more info about Kovu, or our other adoptable dogs.