Meet Luke. This week, we are putting Luke in the spotlight because he is pretty scared of fireworks and with New Year’s Eve coming up, he would like to share his story.

Hi Luke, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Luke: “I have been with CARF since I was a puppy. I have been waiting for someone to adopt me for several years now, but so far, no luck. Who knows, maybe 2021 will be my year!”

Why do you not like the holiday season?

Luke: “I do like the holiday season, but I am not a fan of fireworks. They are just too loud. They scare me. I don’t like the loud noise and unpredictability of fireworks. It makes me feel very anxious.”

Do you have any safety tips for people with pets?

Like: “Actually I do! First of all, make sure that your pet has been micro-chipped. And double check that the microchip is up to date. Check that your pet’s microchip is registered and contains the correct name and your current phone number and address. This way, if your pet gets frightened and runs away, when someone finds them, it will be easier to help them find their way home. When you know that people might be lighting up fireworks, please keep your pets indoors. Give them a safe place to hide, and block out as much noise as you can by turning on the TV or radio. Please leave the lights on. Oh, it also helps if you stay calm yourself.”

Thank you, Luke! Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

Luke: “I don’t think so, I just wanna say… happy howlidays!”

CARF Fireworks Luke

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