Luna is a beautiful dog to see. She was born in March 2016, which makes her about 3,5 years old right now. She has lots of energy and loves to go on walks. She is a great swimmer and enjoys playing in the water. She’s always ready to go on an adventure. When you’re up for one, she will happily jump into your car and join you wherever you might go.

Luna is already house-trained as she used to live with a family. When she was first born, she stayed with her mom and siblings for the first eight weeks of her life. She was then adopted by anew  family but eventually returned to us, which was in no way her fault. Her family had to leave the island due to unforeseen (and sad) circumstances. Luna really deserves to find a forever family with whom she can share life and grow old with.
Luna is a mid-sized dog. She already knows the basic obedience commands and is used to going on walks. She is very easy-going when meeting new people. She is pretty strong though and could benefit from learning some additional on-leash manners.
There is one thing this playful pupper is scared off, and that is fireworks. She does not like them one bit. She can jump high fences, so she really can’t be outside unsupervised during the firework madness in December/January.

Are you interested in adopting Luna?

That is great! For more info about Luna, or one of our other adoptable dogs, please contact We will happily tell you more about our dogs and our adoption process. If you’re interested, we can even set up a meet-and-greet so that you can meet Luna in person. We will reply to your email as soon as possible and answer any questions you might have.