Alright. It’s time to get real. Pongo has been waiting for an adopter since the moment we rescued him off the streets. That is 9 months ago. That’s about 270 days! That’s so long for such a handsome and nice dog like Pongo. We really hope to find him a home before 2019 comes to an end.

So, a bit more about Pongo. He is about 2-years old. Like we said, we rescued him off the streets 9 months ago and he has been in our care ever since. When being medically checked by out vet, it appeared that Pongo had problems with his left knee. After he had surgery in April, followed by a long period of recovery, Pongo is now fi-na-lly ready for adoption. He’s been preparing himself for this for months!

Are you looking for a nice adult dog that is always wiggling, wagging and smiling? Come and meet Pongo!
Not in a position to adopt him? Help us find him a home by sharing his story!

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