This week, we’re putting the spotlight on adoptable CARFIE Rex. This handsome boy is 5,5 years old and he has the patience of a saint, because he has been waiting for someone to adopt him for the last 695 days. Yes, you read that right. Six-hundred and ninety-five days!

If you’re looking for a big cuddle bug who will also guard your house, Rex is your guy. He is a sweet dog who enjoys nothing more than a good pat and scratch. Younger children can be a bit too much for Rex, and he just prefers to steer clear of them and give them their space. He does really enjoy meeting adults, and he is a gem with other dogs. One of his favorite things is going for walks with our volunteers and his fellow CARFIES.

Interested in meeting Rex?

Contact our adoption team at for more info about Rex, or our other adoptable CARFIES.