Adopt a dog from Curaçao: Sniffy

Let’s give it up for Sniffy! All of our rescued dogs are deserving of a loving family. But since Sniffy was rescued from a horrible living condition, our team would just love-love-love to see him get adopted into a loving home! He had a rough start in life, and has been patiently waiting for years to be adopted.

Sniffy is 6 years old, and spent most of his life in our care. His previous owner neglected him. Sniffy lived trapped on a small balcony, with his own feces and urine all over the place. When we found him, he was emaciated and ill. He had no proper shelter, no fresh water, no human contact, and he was covered in ticks.

These days, Sniffy loves the water. He’s always down to go for a walk at the beach. He would love to find a family who will take him for walks. He is active, playful, and will be a wonderful addition to whichever lucky person or family adopts him. Just one thing ― this boy need a secure garden, as he can jump quiet high!

Adopt a dog from Curaçao

Are you interested to adopt a dog from Curaçao? Please feel free to contact our Adoption Team to learn more about our adoption process: Sniffy is already neutered, micro-chipped, up-to-date on his vaccinations and monthly preventatives. He’s basically ready to move as soon as we find him a family. You can discover some of our other adoptable CARFIES here. Or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our latest rescues.

The balcony were Sniffy used to live.

The balcony were Sniffy used to live before we rescued him.

Adopt a dog from Curaçao! Sniffy on a walk (Nov. 2015)

On a walk (Nov. 2015)

Adopt a dog from Curaçao! Sniffy on a walk (2016)

On a walk (2016)