Sunshine is looking for a forever family

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray… Adoptable CARFIE Sunshine brings lots of joy and happiness into the lives of our volunteers. She has been with us for about a month now, and we would love for her to find her forever family.

Sunshine is approximately 8 months old. We were able to rescue her and take her off the streets a month ago. She seemed to have no problems adjusting to her new environment. From day one, she got along great with the other dogs and she adores our volunteers. At night, she sleeps peacefully and quietly in a crate.

Overall she is a really sweet dog, and because of her young age, she is still very playful. She weights around 17.0 kilos and is a medium-sized Westpointer*.

Contact for more info about Sunshine, or our other adoptable CARFIES.

* Westpointer is a common name for our local mixed breed dogs on Curaçao.