Susi is ready to be adopted!
Susi is a medium-sized dog in a great big world. When we first rescued her, she was anxious and unapproachable, but over time she has blossomed into a very social and stable dog. She often joins us on walks with new rescues who are still a bit uncertain about their new life. Susi offers great support and makes the other dogs feel more at ease. These days, she is often referred to a our “emotional support CARFIE” by our volunteers!

Susi is about 1.5 years old and she is ready to be adopted. She is looking for a home where she can just hang out with her people and soak in all the attention. She loves people and gets along well with other dogs. Overall, she is an extremely easy going and loving dog.

Adopting Susi

Can you provide Susi with the love and attention she deserves, and welcome her into your family? Send us an email at and we’ll go from there! All adoption info can be found online here. Susi is neutered and chipped and up-to-date with her vaccinations, so she goes to her new home in tip-top shape!