Meet Toffey, an older boy who’s ready to join your family. Toffey is 7.5 years old, so he is mature and is starting to slow down. He has been with CARF for 1.950 days already. We would love for him to find his forever home before the counter gets to 2.000 days. Can you help him find his family?

Despite his past, Toffey has an affectionate and friendly nature. During his younger years, he was abused and kept on a short chain which kept him from resting his head on the floor. Obviously that’s no life for anyone, but fortunately we were able to rescue Toffey and take him in. His past has caused him to lose some of his self-confidence, so Toffey would do best with someone who has time to bond, train, and give structure to this mature guy. He is really a sweet boy, and once you bond he will do anything for you.

As a matter of fact, as soon as Toffey feels comfortable with people and familiarized with his new routine, he is a very easy-going and cozy dog. Toffey does very well with other dogs and is very social towards them. He also has some funny quirks; he carries his food bowl in his mouth, and he likes to play with his water bowl to cool down.

Toffey doesn’t need an active home with loads of adventures, he would be more than happy to live a relaxed life with a loving family to call his own. Who will make this sweet boy’s dreams come true?

Adopting Toffey

To offer him a forever home, please email us at We will happily any questions you may have, or coordinate a meet-and-greet. Of course, you may also contact our Adoption Team with questions about our adoption process, or other adoptable CARFIES. We’d love to help you find your perfect match!