CARF Willems

Last week, we put CARFIE Baya in the spotlights. This week the honors go to her best friend Willems. He has been in our care since February and is ready to be adopted.

Back in February, poor Willems was struck by a hit-and-run driver. Fortunately for him, our vet Pieter Claus was at the right place at the right time. He saw the accident happen and was there to immediately offer a helping hand. Our vet took Willems to his veterinary practice. Willems had pelvic trauma following his traffic accident, but after lots of rest and recovery time, he has now completely recovered!

These days, Willems enjoys playing and cuddling. He has found a best friend in CARFIE Baya and those two can romp and play together all day long. This sweet boy deserves a home where he can be loved and spoiled even more than we love and spoil him. He’s a favorite among our volunteers, because he’s just so friendly and nice. It’s getting close to six months since we first took him in. Why is he getting overlooked? We honestly don’t know, but we’re patient. We know his adopter is out there, they just haven’t seen him yet. Can you help us find Willems his forever family?

Adopting CARFIE Willems?

Willems and Baya can be adopted together or separately. Contact for more info about our adoptable CARFIES or our adoption process.

Willems and Baya

Willems and Baya.