Dios spar nos! 11 more mouths to feed, 11 more souls to vet and provide for. So relieved we were able to help this family. Mini and her mini-me’s are safe and loved in a warm foster home. Never will Mini have to beg for food again for her and her babies.
We will, however, need your support to help cover the medical and food expenses for this family. They have been to the Vet and have been dewormed and treated for parasites.

We are in crisis mode with several emergencies. Please if you can spare any amount… Mini and her little ones would be so grateful for your compassion.

Our local bank account is MCB 21199501 (Beshiweg 1). You can also make credit card donations through PayPal Paypal (stichtingcarf@gmail.com). We also have a Euro-account for supporters in The Netherlands/Europe, kindly send us a private Facebook message or email us at stichtingcarf@gmail.com.

​We hope we can count on your trust and support.