CARF Linda

Meet 3,5-year old Linda. She was found at the Curaçao International Airport, also known as Hato International Airport. She had a TVT (small cancerous growth) when we first rescued her, but fortunately she has made a full recovery. Linda has turned into a happy, healthy and playful dog who is ready for adoption!

One of Linda’s favorite pastimes is chasing insects, lagadishi en kaku’s. She also loves to play with her toys and chasing things. Like we said, she is very playful and alert! We believe that Linda will make a great guard dog, as well as a loving family companion.

Linda is not a cuddle bug but she does give affection. She enjoys a pat on the head as you walk past her, but she won’t be launching herself into your lap. She’s not fully used to walking on a leash yet, but with the right amount of practice she’ll learn to love it.

Help us get Linda adopted!
She’s on the right track, and we hope there’s an adopter out there who will adopt this special girl and provide her the care and love she deserves. If you can’t adopt, consider sharing her profile and photos with your friends and family. We love Linda and we know there’s someone out there for her! Contact for more info about #CARFLinda or one of our other adoptable CARFIES. Make sure to visit our Facebook page for updates about our (latest) rescues.