CARF rescued Sosa

Not everyone knows this, but dental care for your dog is so very important. One of our latest rescues, Sosa, had very serious dental issues. WARNING ― distressing images!

Sosa was found on the side of the road by someone living on food parcels. Although in no position to financially take care of a pet, he got Sosa a pill against fleas and ticks before reaching out to us for help. When we first met Sosa, it was clear to see that this boy was in bad shape and needed immediate medical care.

We took Sosa to see our vet at Claus Clinic where it immediately became clear that he would need a lot of dental work. And we mean, A LOT. We learned that he had several loose and infected teeth that needed to be removed as soon as possible. Our suspicions were right and all of Sosa’s teeth but two (!) were rotten to the core and had to be pulled. When you think of how bad a toothache can feel to us, you can imagine the pain this sweet dog endured. Poor boy. He also looked very shaggy and unkempt. He was very matted, and our vet cut a lot of his fur (see pictures).

Although Sosa is already looking and feeling better, he is still far from healthy. Due to chronic malnutrition, Sosa’s liver and kidney values are abnormal (his kidney values are very bad). He also has severe anemia due to karpattenziekte or ehrlichiosis, and elevated globulins which were attributed to dehydration. Furthermore he has an ugly inflamed wound on his side which needs healing.

Supporting Sosa

Now that his dental work is out of the way, we’re going to focus on the next steps of his recovery. He will also be neutered, micro-chipped, and vaccinated. As you might know, CARF receives no government funding and we rely on donations and gifts. If you want to make a donation to support Sosa’s recovery, we would be extremely grateful. There are different ways for you to donate:

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Does your dog need dental care?

More than often, pet parents don’t really know how to recognize dental problems in their dogs. But problems with teeth and gums will cause your pet pain and discomfort, and can even put them at risk of developing serious health issues. To learn more about proper dog dental care, or to schedule a dental check-up for your pooch, contact Claus Clinic at (+5999) 465-1515 or reach out to your own veterinarian to make an appointment.

First time meeting Sosa.  Meeting Sosa. Little Sosa at her vet visit.

Sosa at Claus Clinic  Sosa needed a lot of dental work.So many rotten teeth that had to be pulled.

Sosa has an ugly inflamed wound on his side which needs healing.   Look at this handsome boy!